Articles  |    |  February 5, 2020

AI-Mediated Communication: Definition, Research Agenda, and Ethical Considerations

Peer-reviewed article by Jeffrey T Hancock, Mor Naaman and Karen Levy.
Published in Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication.


We define Artificial Intelligence-Mediated Communication (AI-MC) as interpersonal communication in which an intelligent agent operates on behalf of a communicator by modifying, augmenting, or generating messages to accomplish communication goals. The recent advent of AI-MC raises new questions about how technology may shape human communication and requires re-evaluation – and potentially expansion – of many of Computer-Mediated Communication’s (CMC) key theories, frameworks, and findings. A research agenda around AI-MC should consider the design of these technologies and the psychological, linguistic, relational, policy and ethical implications of introducing AI into human–human communication. This article aims to articulate such an agenda.