Articles  |    |  September 2, 2020

Dealing with Emerging AI Technologies: Teaching and Learning Ethics for AI

Book Chapter by Josephina Antoniou.
In the book Quality of Experience and Learning in Information Systems.
Published by Springer.


This chapter addresses emerging AI technologies, but not from a technical aspect. It explores the need for ethics to be integrated with the technical design aspects during the development process of AI products. In order for designers and developers to be able to consider and include ethics in to this process, they have to learn ethics as part of their acquired skills. Therefore, the chapter deals with the teaching and learning aspects of ethics for emerging new technologies, especially AI. It is important to recognise that there are ethical issues associated with the development and use of such technologies. Furthermore, the chapter recognises the trend of an increase in the development and use of AI across many application areas, and ethics must be considered. Moving forward, necessary learning and teaching practices need to be integrated into software development courses. AI is not a standalone technology but a technology that is integrated with society and people, and needs to be understood in such an inter-disciplinary manner. The assumption that such courses exist and developers can decide to integrate them into ongoing professional development goals is what the chapter scenario addresses, in an attempt to demonstrate that expectation of ethical design by users can be reflected into resulting user experience from usage of the specific technologies.