Articles  |    |  June 26, 2019

Managing the Risks of AI – A Planning Guide for Executives

Article by Daniel Faggella.
Published by Emerj.

This article is based on a presentation given by Emerj CEO Dan Faggella at a conference “Artificial Intelligence and Business Ethics: Friends or Foes?” held at the University of Notre Dame. 

The conversation about artificial intelligence and ethics ranges from the broad to the specific. On the one end, there are governments making laws and policies on national, state, and local levels. In the middle, you have industry-wide agreements on certain protocols on privacy expectations, ways of handling customer data, and other ethical considerations within the framework established by the government.

On the other end of that spectrum is specific executive decisions made for managing the risks of AI regarding ethical issues, again within the framework of established government and industry rules.

We at Emerj are most focused on the decisions that executives basically get to wield almost entirely on their own and have maximum control over. Our audience is almost exclusively business executives, and most are not interested in the abstract. They want something actionable to address different issues. [ . . . ]