Articles  |    |  February 24, 2012

Teaching for Ethical Reasoning

Article by Robert J. Sternberg.
Published in International Journal of Educational Psychology.


This article argues for the importance of teaching for ethical reasoning. Much of our teaching is in vain if it is not applied to life in an ethical manner. The article reviews lapses in ethical reasoning and the great costs they have had for society. It proposes that ethical reasoning can be taught across the curriculum. It presents an eight ­step model of ethical reasoning that can be applied to ethical challenges and illustrates its application. The eight steps range from recognizing there even is a situation to which to respond, to acting. It is argued that ethical behavior requires the completion of all eight steps. It further points to a source of frustration in the teaching and application of ethics: ethical drift. Finally it draws conclusions.

Presentation by The IDEA Fund. Based on the ideas in this article. Runtime 3 minutes.

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