Articles  |    |  June 20, 2017

Training Moral Sensitivity Through Video Games: A Review of Suitable Game Mechanisms

Article by Johannes Katsarov, Markus Christen, Ralf Mauerhofer and Ralf Mauerh. Published in Games and Culture.


The goal of this study is to support game designers in the selection and implementation of game mechanisms to promote players’ moral sensitivity (MS). A lack of MS may lead people to behave unethically, without awareness for their actions’ moral implications. In this study, we conduct a theory-based evaluation of 20 distinct game mechanisms in view of their potential to promote MS. MS is thereby operationalized in terms of three learning outcomes (LOs): empathic concern for relevant groups, alertness to values/principles, and awareness for one’s vulnerability to biases. This study suggests that MS is best promoted through a careful combination of game mechanisms, addressing all three LOs.