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African Values, Ethics, and Technology: Questions, Issues, and Approaches

Book edited by Beatrice Dedaa Okyere-Manu.
Published by Springer.
284 pages.

This book charts technological developments from an African ethical perspective. It explores the idea that while certain technologies have benefited Africans, the fact that these technologies were designed and produced in and for a different setting leads to conflicts with African ethical values. Written in a simple and engaging style, the authors apply an African ethical lens to themes such as: The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the moral status of technology, technology and sexual relations, and bioethics and technology.

  • Explores African ethical perspectives on emerging technologies
  • Presents a collaborative work of reflections, discussions, questions, and issues surrounding emerging technologies
  • Written for readers interested in technology and African values

Table of Contents

Introduction: Charting an African Perspective of Technological Innovation

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and African Ethics

  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and Africa’s Future: Reflections from African Ethics
  • Africa in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: A status quaestionis, from the cultural to the phenomenological

African Values, and Technology

  • African Reasons Why AI Should Not Maximize Utility
  • Values and Technological Development in an African Context
  • African Cultural Values, Practices and Modern Technology

Technology, African Ethics and Sexual Relations

  • Shifting Intimate Sexual Relations from Humans to Machines: An African Indigenous Ethical Perspective
  • The Death of Isintu in Contemporary Technological Era: The Ethics of Sex Robots Among the Ndebele of Matabo

Technology, African Values and Human Relationship

  • The Importance of a Neo-African Communitarianism in Virtual Space: An Ethical Inquiry for the African Teenager
  • The Ambivalent Role of Technology on Human Relationships: An Afrocentric Exploration
  • Interrogating Social Media Group Communication’s Integrity: An African, Utilitarian Perspective

Bioethics, African Values and Technology

  • Bioethics and Technology: An African Ethical Perspective
  • The Use of Sex Selection Reproductive Technology in Traditional African Societies: An Ethical Evaluation and a Case for Its Adaptation
  • Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Indigenous Akan Ethics: A Critical Analysis

African Religious Values and Technology

  • The Impact of Technologies on African Religions: A Theological Perspective
  • Technologization of Religion: The Unstoppable Revolution in the Zimbabwean Mainline Churches

About the Editor

Beatrice Dedaa Okyere-Manu is Senior Lecturer in Applied Ethics in the School of Religion, Philosophy and Classics at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, where she is also the Director of the Ethics Studies Department.