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Ethics of Big Data: Balancing Risk And Innovation

Book by Kord Davis.
Published by O’Reilly Media.
80 pages.

What are your organization’s policies for generating and using huge datasets full of personal information? This book examines ethical questions raised by the big data phenomenon, and explains why enterprises need to reconsider business decisions concerning privacy and identity. Authors Kord Davis and Doug Patterson provide methods and techniques to help your business engage in a transparent and productive ethical inquiry into your current data practices.

Both individuals and organizations have legitimate interests in understanding how data is handled. Your use of data can directly affect brand quality and revenue—as Target, Apple, Netflix, and dozens of other companies have discovered. With this book, you’ll learn how to align your actions with explicit company values and preserve the trust of customers, partners, and stakeholders.

  • Review your data-handling practices and examine whether they reflect core organizational values
  • Express coherent and consistent positions on your organization’s use of big data
  • Define tactical plans to close gaps between values and practices—and discover how to maintain alignment as conditions change over time
  • Maintain a balance between the benefits of innovation and the risks of unintended consequences

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Big Data, Big Impact
    • 1.1 Why Big Data?
    • 1.2 What Is Big Data Forcing?
    • 1.3 Big Data Is Ethically Neutral
    • 1.4 Don’t Tell Me What to Do
    • 1.5 Important Concepts and Terms
  • Chapter 2: Values and Actions
    • 2.1 Articulating Your Values
    • 2.2 Turning Values into Actions
    • 2.3 Ethical Decision Points
  • Chapter 3: Current Practices
    • 3.1 Findings Summary
  • Chapter 4: Aligning Values and Actions
    • 4.1 Methods and Tools
    • 4.2 Alignment Methodology Framework

About the Author

Kord Davis is a former Principal Consultant with Cap Gemini and has spent nearly 20 years providing business strategy, analysis, and technical consulting to over 100 organizations of all sizes. Integrating a professional background in telecommunications and an academic background in philosophy, he brings passionate curiosity, the rigor of analysis, and a love of how technology can help us do the things we really want to do better, faster, and easier. A formally trained workgroup facilitator, he holds a BA in Philosophy from Reed College and professional certifications in communication, systems modeling, and enterprise transformation.