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In Our Own Image: Savior or Destroyer? The History and Future of Artificial Intelligence

Book by George Zarkadakis.
Published by Pegasus Books.
384 pages.

A timely and important book that explores the history and future, as well as the societal and ethical implications, of Artificial Intelligence as we approach the cusp of a fourth industrial revolution.

Zarkadakis explores one of humankind’s oldest love-hate relationships—our ties with artificial intelligence, or AI. He traces AI’s origins in ancient myth, through literary classics like Frankenstein, to today’s sci-fi blockbusters, arguing that a fascination with AI is hardwired into the human psyche. He explains AI’s history, technology, and potential; its manifestations in intelligent machines; its connections to neurology and consciousness, as well as—perhaps most tellingly—what AI reveals about us as human beings. In Our Own Image argues that we are on the brink of a fourth industrial revolution—poised to enter the age of Artificial Intelligence as science fiction becomes science fact. Ultimately, Zarkadakis observes, the fate of AI has profound implications for the future of science and humanity itself.

Table of Contents

Part I Dreaming of Electric Sheep

  • The birth of the modern mind
  • Life in the Bush of Ghosts
  • The mechanical Turk
  • Loving the alien
  • Prometheus unbound
  • The return of the gods

Part II The Mind Problem

  • A blueprint for a universe
  • Minds without bodies
  • La Resistance
  • Peering into the mind
  • The cybernetic brain

Part III ADA in Wonderland

  • ‘All Cretans are liars’
  • The program
  • From Bletchley Park to Google Campus
  • Machines that think
  • Darwin at the edge of chaos

Epilogue: The future of humanity

Timeline: A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence

About the Author

George Zarkadakis has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. He has worked for various companies and organizations, including Accenture and Silicon Graphics, and is currently a digital transformation consultant and web entrepreneur. Awarded a knighthood by the French government for his international work in science communication, Zarkadakis writes for several international publications including the Daily Telegraph, the Huffington Post and Aeon magazine.