Books  |    |  May 31, 2019

Law and Autonomous Machines: The Co-evolution of Legal Responsibility and Technology

Book by Mark Chinen.
Published by Edward Elgar Publishing.
264 pages.

Sets out a possible trajectory for the co-development of legal responsibility on the one hand and artificial intelligence and the machines and systems driven by it on the other. As autonomous technologies become more sophisticated it will be harder to attribute harms caused by them to the humans who design or work with them. This will put pressure on legal responsibility and autonomous technologies to co-evolve. Mark Chinen illustrates how these factors strengthen incentives to develop even more advanced systems, which in turn strengthens nascent calls to grant legal and moral status to autonomous machines. This book is a valuable resource for scholars and practitioners of legal doctrine, ethics, and autonomous technologies.

Table of Contents

  1. The Emerging Challenge
  2. Existing law and other forms of governance
  3. Individual responsibility
  4. The legal and moral responsibility of groups
  5. Reframing responsibility
  6. Altering the responsible agent
  7. Law-abiding machines and systems
  8. Moral machines and systems
  9. Machines and systems as legal and moral subjects
  10. Trigger events.

Series: Elgar Law, Technology and Society.