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Morality and Machines: Perspectives on Computer Ethics, Second Edition

Book by Stacey L. Edgar.
Published by Jones & Bartlett Learning.
522 pages.

Computers have become ever-present in our lives, and with them come many aspects that raise serious moral issues. Morality and Machines is intended for science and technology students, philosophy students interested in applied ethics, and others who must deal with computers and the impact they have on our society.

Examines the moral issues that emerge from the influence of computers and technology on society today. The text provides an ethical foundation upon which readers can develop informed opinions about software piracy, computer crimes, artificial intelligence, and more. With in-depth analysis of current moral and social problems, this text is an ideal resource for readers interested in philosophy, technological sciences, and computer ethics.

Table of Contents

  • Ethical decision making
  • Is ethics possible
  • The search for a basis for ethics
  • Software piracy, property, and protection
  • Computer crime
  • Computer intruders, viruses, and all that
  • Privacy
  • Errors and reliability
  • The computer world of work
  • Responsibility, liability, law, and professional ethics
  • Computers, the government, and the military
  • The artificial intelligentsia and virtual worlds