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Pastoral and Spiritual Care in a Digital Age: The Future Is Now

Book by Kirk A. Bingaman.
Published by Lexington Books.
154 pages.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing what it means to be human. Given our increasing merger with machines, we have therefore entered uncharted territory and an era of unprecedented change. For pastoral and spiritual care providers, religious faith communities, clinical practitioners, and educators, immediate theological reflection is needed, focusing on the potential existential threat and opportunity, and what will constitute human personhood in an age of technological enhancement. Preserving our humanity in a digital age will require intentional focus on strengthening the neural circuitry associated with focused attention, mindful and compassionate awareness, and social and relational intelligence, even as we put to good use the emerging digital technologies. 

Table of Contents

  • The Rapid Advance and Proliferation of Digital Technologies
  • Theological Narratives of Hope and Apprehension
  • Human Nature and Technological Enhancement
  • Maintaining Our Attentional Control
  • Elevating Contemplative-Meditational Practice
  • A Mindfulness-Informed Framework and Approach

About the Author

Kirk A. Bingaman is professor of pastoral mental health counseling at Fordham University.