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Sociorobot World: A Guided Tour for All

Book by Spyros G. Tzafestas.
Published by Springer.
223 pages.

Sociorobots and assistive robots provide entertainment, assistance to the handicapped, companionship to the elderly and health care to autistic children and people with dementia. The book provides, in a fluent educational way, all major concepts, architectures and design methodologies. All types of sociorobots are examined, namely walking anthropomorphic, wheeled anthropomorphic, fixed-place anthropomorphic and zoomorphic sociorobots. The book provides an outline of sociorobot intelligent control architectures, robot learning and human robot interaction.

  • Provides background material on social robotics, history and a concise literature survey
  • Includes tutorial material on sociorobot intelligent control architectures, learning techniques and human-robot interaction/interfaces
  • Covers the whole range of sociorobot types

Table of Contents

  • Background Concepts and Outline of the Book
  • Intelligent Control System Architectures
  • Sociorobot Learning
  • Human-Robot Social Interaction
  • Walking Anthropomorphic Sociorobots
  • Wheeled Mobile Anthropomorphic Sociorobots
  • Fixed Place Anthropomorphic Sociorobots
  • Zoomorphic Sociorobots
  • Sociorobot Field Studies
  • Complementary Sociorobot Issues

About the Author
Spyros G. Tzafestas is an Emeritus Professor at National Technical University of Athens, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Institute of Communication and Computer Systems. He is a research associate at IAS/Intelligent Automation Systems Group, Signals, Control and Robotics Division – SECE, NTUA. He is also editor of the Springer book series on Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation.