Books  |    |  September 3, 2015

The Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of Mass Unemployment

Book by Martin Ford.
Published by Oneworld Publications.
352 pages.

Intelligent algorithms are already well on their way to making white collar jobs obsolete: travel agents, data-analysts, and paralegals are currently in the firing line. In the near future, doctors, taxi-drivers and ironically even computer programmers are poised to be replaced by ‘robots’. Without a radical reassessment of our economic and political structures, we risk the very implosion of the capitalist economy itself.

In The Rise of the Robots, technology expert Martin Ford systematically outlines the achievements of artificial intelligence and uses a wealth of economic data to illustrate the terrifying societal implications. From health and education to finance and technology, his warning is stark – all jobs that are on some level routine are likely to eventually be automated, resulting in the death of traditional careers and a hollowed-out middle class. The robots are coming and we have to decide – now – whether the future will bring prosperity or catastrophe.

Table of Contents

  1. The automation wave
  2. Is this time different?
  3. Information technology : an unprecedented force for disruption
  4. White-collar jobs at risk
  5. Transforming higher education
  6. The health care challenge
  7. Technologies and industries of the future
  8. Consumers, limits to growth … and crisis?
  9. Super-intelligence and the singularity
  10. Toward a new economic paradigm

About the Author

Martin Ford, the founder of a Silicon Valley-based software development firm, has over twenty-five years of experience in computer design and software development. He was the first modern writer to raise the issue of technology-led unemployment.