Books  |    |  November 9, 2017

Towards a Code of Ethics for Artificial Intelligence

Book by Paula Boddington.
Published by Springer.
124 pages.

The author investigates how to produce realistic and workable ethical codes or regulations in this rapidly developing field to address the immediate and realistic longer-term issues facing us. She spells out the key ethical debates concisely, exposing all sides of the arguments, and addresses how codes of ethics or other regulations might feasibly be developed, looking for pitfalls and opportunities, drawing on lessons learned in other fields, and explaining key points of professional ethics.

The book provides a useful resource for those aiming to address the ethical challenges of AI research in meaningful and practical ways.

  • Considers approaches from outside computer science
  • Topical debate in the AI community
  • Describes the most recent initiatives to establish common frameworks

Series: Artificial Intelligence: Foundations, Theory, and Algorithms

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: Artificial Intelligence and Ethics
  2. What Do We Need to Understand About Ethics?
  3. Does AI Raise Any Distinctive Ethical Questions?
  4. Codes of Professional Ethics
  5. How AI Challenges Professional Ethics
  6. Developing Codes of Ethics Amidst Fast Technological Change
  7. Some Characteristic Pitfalls in Considering the Ethics of AI, and What to Do About Them
  8. Some Suggestions for How to Proceed

About the Author
Paula Boddington is a senior researcher in the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford.