Conference Papers  |    |  October 23, 2015

A World With Robots – International Conference on Robot Ethics: ICRE 2015

Conference papers from the 2015 International Conference on Robot Ethics.
Edited by Maria Isabel Aldinhas Ferreira, Joao Silva Sequeira, Mohammad Osman Tokhi, Endre E. Kadar, Gurvinder Singh Virk.

The conference provided a multidisciplinary forum for discussing central and evolving issues concerning safety and ethics that have arisen in various contexts where robotic technologies are being applied. The papers are intended to promote the formulation of more precise safety standards and ethical frameworks for the rapidly changing field of robotic applications. The conference was held at Pavilhão do Conhecimento/Ciência Viva in Lisbon and brought together leading researchers and industry representatives, promoting a dialogue that combines different perspectives and experiences to arrive at viable solutions for ethical problems in the context of robotics.

The conference topics included but were not limited to emerging ethical, safety, legal and societal problems in the following domains:

  • Service/Social Robots: Robots performing tasks in human environments and involving close human-robot interactions in everyday households; robots for education and entertainment; and robots employed in elderly and other care applications
  • Mobile Robots: Self-driving vehicles, autonomous aircraft, trains, cars and drones
  • Robots used in medicine and for therapeutic purposes
  • Robots used in surveillance and military functions

Table of Contents

Part I Selected Contributions

  • Networks of Social and Moral Norms in Human and Robot Agents — B.F. Malle, M. Scheutz and J.L. Austerweil
  • Perceived Autonomy of Robots: Effects of Appearance and Context — Maaike Harbers, Marieke M.M. Peeters and Mark A. Neerincx
  • Formalizing Complex Normative Decisions with Predicate Logic and Graph Databases — Sean Welsh
  • A 21st-Century Ethical Hierarchy for Robots and Persons: EH — Selmer Bringsjord
  • Robots and Free Software — Wilhelm E.J. Klein
  • An Intervening Ethical Governor for a Robot Mediator in Patient-Caregiver Relationships — Jaeeun Shim and Ronald C. Arkin
  • Exploring the Ethical Landscape of Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue — Maaike Harbers, Joachim de Greeff, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová,Mark A. Neerincx and Koen V. Hindriks
  • Reporting Robot Ethics for Children-Robot Studies in Contemporary Peer Reviewed Papers — M. Kyriakidou, K. Padda and L. Parry
  • A Typology of Liability Rules for Robot Harms — Sjur Dyrkolbotn
  • Safety and Ethical Concerns in Mixed Human-Robot Control of Vehicles — Endre E. Kadar, Anna Köszeghy and Gurvinder Singh Virk
  • Leader-Follower Strategies for Robot-Human Collaboration — L. Beton, P. Hughes, S. Barker, M. Pilling, L. Fuente and N.T. Crook
  • Industrial Robot Ethics: The Challenges of Closer Human Collaboration in Future Manufacturing Systems — S.R. Fletcher and P. Webb
  • Clarifying the Language of Lethal Autonomy in Military Robots — Sean Welsh
  • Safety Issues of the Portuguese Military Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems — Delfim Dores, Ana Baltazar, Teresa Cabral, Isabel Machado and Paula Gonçalves
  • Robots and the Military: A Strategic View — João Vieira Borges
  • The Domestic Robot: Ethical and Technical Concerns — Rodolphe Gelin
  • Robots in Ageing Societies — Maria Isabel Aldinhas Ferreira and João Silva Sequeira

Part II Associated Events

  • Nós e Os Robots/Os Robots e Nós: Insights from an Exhibition — Rodrigo Ventura and Maria Isabel Aldinhas Ferreira
  • The Robot Steps In: From Normative to Prospective Ethics — José Manuel Martins