Conference Papers  |  ,   |  June 2, 2018

Improving Value-Awareness Through Storytelling in User Experience Design

Conference paper by Qiong Peng, Jean-Bernard Martens and Xiaoying Tian.
Presented at the 2018 International Conference of Design, User Experience, and Usability.


Value has been one of the topics in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and design field with various definitions from perspectives. Values are in essence related to experience because they are personal perception and assessment on objects, products, or services. Hence, it makes sense to involve values in user experience design and make values as one of the design goals. However, values are usually easy to take for granted but hard to work with in design practices. This paper proposed a storytelling-value approach with the aim to improve awareness of values in user experience design. It was based on storytelling methodology that emphasizes scenario-based envisioning and the results from a focus group which involved user experience designer in to discuss values in UX design. A co-design workshop was conducted as a support for improvement of the approach. It is promising to optimize this storytelling-value approach in the future since most of the participants showed their positive attitudes not only to the necessity in methods development but also to the acceptance of this approach.