Conference Papers  |    |  April 25, 2020

Teaching Responsible Conduct of Research Through an Interactive Storytelling Game

Conference paper by Edward F. Melcer, James Ryan, Nick Junius, Max Kreminski, et al.
Presented at the 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.


Concepts utilizing applied ethics, such as responsible conduct of research (RCR), can prove difficult to teach due to the complexity of problems faced by researchers and the many underlying perspectives involved in such dilemmas. To address this issue, we created Academical, a choice-based interactive storytelling game for RCR education that enables players to experience a story from multiple perspectives. In this paper, we describe the design rationale of Academical, and present results from an initial pilot study comparing it with traditional web-based educational materials from an existing RCR course. The preliminary results highlight that utilizing a choice-based interactive story game may prove more effective for RCR education, with significantly higher engagement and comparable or better scores for tests of RCR topics.