Conference Papers  |    |  February 8, 2020

What’s Next for AI Ethics, Policy, and Governance? A Global Overview

Conference paper by Daniel Schiff, Justin Biddle, Jason Borenstein and Kelly Laas.
Presented at the 2020 AAAI/ACM Conference on AI, Ethics, and Society.


Since 2016, more than 80 AI ethics documents – including codes, principles, frameworks, and policy strategies – have been produced by corporations, governments, and NGOs. In this paper, we examine three topics of importance related to our ongoing empirical study of ethics and policy issues in these emerging documents. First, we review possible challenges associated with the relative homogeneity of the documents’ creators. Second, we provide a novel typology of motivations to characterize both obvious and less obvious goals of the documents. Third, we discuss the varied impacts these documents may have on the AI governance landscape, including what factors are relevant to assessing whether a given document is likely to be successful in achieving its goals.