Curriculum  |    |  June 15, 2019

A Draft Syllybus/Curriculum for an Ethics of AI Course

Curriculum developed by Bruce Long. Article published by the AI Ethics Institute.


This course is designed to make the scholar familiar with the application of normative ethics, metaethics, and practical ethics to the field of AI and to AI technologies. Topics covered include but are not limited to:

  • Ethic of information and Ethics for the grades of AI (Identification of ethical issues for different strengths of AI and AI algorithms)
  • Ethics of AI Algorithms
  • Ethics of AI on the Web and in Web based applications
  • AI, information transmission, information processing, and privacy
  • AI algorithms and existential threat
  • AI technology and social hierarchy
  • Medium to strong AI: the moral relevance and effects of its ontological differences
  • The relationship between AI and the posthuman
  • AI and transhumanism (cybernetic enhancement)
  • The relationship between AI and extended cognition
  • AI, big data, and human identity
  • Strong AIs as potential epistemic and moral agents