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Embedded EthiCS @ Harvard – Open Source Repository of Course Modules

Curriculum of open source course modules developed at Harvard University in the Embedded EthiCS Teaching Lab. In this weekly seminar a team of graduate and postdoctoral fellows collaborate with one another to develop and refine course modules, identify pedagogical challenges and strategies for addressing them, and research topics of mutual interest in computer ethics.

Ethical reasoning is an essential skill for today‚Äôs computer scientists. The Embedded EthiCS distributed pedagogy embeds philosophers directly into computer science courses to teach students how to think through the ethical and social implications of their work. The modules teach students to identify ethical and social issues, reason through ethical and social issues, communicate their reasoned position and design ethically and socially responsible systems. The aim of Embedded EthiCS is to teach students to consider not merely what technologies they could create, but whether they should create them.

CourseCourse LevelModuleModule Author
CS 1: Great Ideas in ComputerIntroductory undergraduateElectronic PrivacyDiana Acosta-Navas
CS 61: Systems Programming and Machine OrganizationIntroductory undergraduateASCII, Unicode, and the Ethics of Natural Language RepresentationCat Wade
CS 124: Data Structures and AlgorithmsUpper-level undergraduateHow can we design models that allocate goods and services fairly?Cat Wade
CS 134: NetworksUpper-level undergraduateFacebook, Fake News, and the Ethics of CensorshipDavid Gray Grant
CS 145/245: Cloud Networking and ComputingUpper-level undergraduate and graduateThe Ethics of Cloud SecurityCat Wade
CS 152: Programming LanguagesUpper-level undergraduateEthics in Software Verification and ValidationDavid Gray Grant
CS 161: Operating SystemsUpper-level undergraduateEthical Tradeoffs in System Design: Performance versus CorrectnessKate Vredenburgh
CS 165: Data SystemsUpper-level undergraduatePrivacy in the Design of Data SystemsKate Vredenburgh
CS179: Design of Useful and Usable Interactive SystemsUpper-level undergraduateEthical Perspectives on Accessible Video Game DesignCat Wade
CS 181: Machine LearningUpper-level undergraduateDiscrimination and Machine LearningKate Vredenburgh
CS 189: Autonomous Robot SystemsUpper-level undergraduateRobots and workKate Vredenburgh
CS 236: Topics at the Interface of Economics and Computer ScienceGraduateInterpretability and ExplanationKate Vredenburgh
CS 263: Systems SecurityGraduateThe Ethics of Hacking BackDavid Gray Grant
CS 265: Big Data SystemsGraduateElectronic Privacy and Big Data SystemsDiana Acosta-Navas
CS 287: Natural Language ProcessingGraduateBias and Stereotypes in Word Embedding softwareDiana Acosta-Navas

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These modules are made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (CC BY 4.0).
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