Curriculum  |    |  March 17, 2016

How Do You Create Moral Robots?

Curriculum for grade level 6-12 by Xochitl Garcia. Includes listening task for radio excerpt, discussion questions and writing prompts. Produced by NPR, Science Friday.

In this excerpt from Science Friday, Mark Riedl discusses how his research group uses a program called Quixote to teach robots morality and etiquette. As humans get closer and closer to developing self-aware artificial intelligence, we need to make sure that artificially-intelligent computers and robots follow rules that keep them from endangering us and that align with our social conventions. Robots need to be efficient, but not in a way that leads them to bad behaviors like cutting in line, stealing, or physically harming people. How do we make sure that efficiency does not trump morality in a machine we’ve programmed?

See the Educator’s Toolbox below for a student worksheet (DOC & PDF) and audio transcript.

Student Worksheet (DOC or PDF) .

About the Author

Xochitl Garcia is Science Friday’s K-12 education program manager. She is a former teacher who spends her time cooking, playing board games, and designing science investigations from odds and ends she’s stockpiled in the office (and in various drawers at home).