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India’s Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Artificial Intelligence Curriculum

Curriculum on Artificial Intelligence developed by the CBSE Department of Skill Education. Curated with support from Intel and IBM. Launched in March 2019. Updated annually.

Integration Across Subjects

Additional Information

The objective of introducing this curriculum is to equip India’s youth with skills required for the jobs of the future, create social impact solutions and become AI ready. The core objective of this curriculum is to demystify Artificial Intelligence for youth and equip them with relevant skill-set, mind-set and tool-set to become AI ready.

How will AI as a subject add value to the existing curriculum? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an overarching discipline that covers a broad range of domains and applications. Its multi-disciplinary nature will help to make connections between all other subjects thereby adding value and giving a different perspective for all. The curriculum will contain both theory and practical components in equal proportion.

How will this curriculum help in developing core skills in a learner? The curriculum has a series of interactive activities designed to develop core skills like creative and critical thinking, effective communication, decision making, self-awareness, empathy, teamwork etc. along with conceptual and technical skills among the students.

India’s Artificial Intelligence Curriculum Class 9 Facilitator Guide. Runtime 67 minutes.