Curriculum  |  ,   |  November 11, 2019

Minecraft Hour of Code: AI for Good – Use Coding to Prevent Forest Fires

Introducing Minecraft Hour of Code: AI for Good.
Runtime 2 minues.
Walkthrough of Minecraft Hour of Code: AI for Good.
Runtime 5 minutes.
Tutorial by Hoang Nguyen. Runtime 22 minutes.
Tutorial by عالية اليامي . Runtime 15 minutes.

Curriculum developed for Minecraft: Education Edition. Explore basic coding concepts and learn about artificial intelligence in this free Hour of Code lesson.

Coding Task: A village needs your help to prevent the spread of a nearby forest fire. Train the Agent to identify what causes fires, remove materials that help fires spread, and then bring life back to a forest destroyed by fire – all with code!

Modeled on a real-world example of artificial intelligence. This lesson was inspired by Microsoft’s AI for Earth team, who use artificial intelligence to help solve global environmental challenges.

Watch the video for a short introduction to the Minecraft Hour of Code and learn how to start the lesson.

In order to access the in-game library two urls need to be white listed on your firewall:
https://* (Library/Demo Lesson)
https://* (Library/Demo Lesson)