Discussions  |    |  June 22, 2017

Machine Morality: Robot Ethics in the 21st Century

Runtime 35 minutes.
Question and answer session following the presentation. Runtime 47 minutes. Are there any aspects of robot ethics on which there is disagreement? What levels of control is the society prepared to accept?

Discussion with Alan Winfield and Raja Chatila hosted by The Royal Institution. Runtime 35 minutes.

How can we teach robots to make moral judgements, and do they have to be sentient to behave ethically? Explore these fascinating and vital questions.

Alan Winfield is a Professor of Robot Ethics at the University of the West of England (UWE) in the Bristol Robotics Lab. He wrote the Very Short Introduction to Robotics and is director of the Science Communication Unit at UWE.

Raja Chatila is Professor at the University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris, and the director of the “SMART” Laboratory of Excellence on human-machine interaction. He is particularly interested in robot navigation, motion planning and control, cognitive and control architectures, human-robot interaction, and robot learning.

Presented in partnership with the Science and Technology Department of the French Embassy.