Documentaries  |    |  January 31, 2020

Coded Bias

Official Trailer. 2 min.

Interview with the director. Runtime: 45 Minutes

Coded Bias: A Conversation with Director Shalini Kantayya

The documentary Coded Bias follows MIT’s Joy Buolamwini as she discovers facial recognition technology’s racial bias and pushes for legislation to protect people from the technology’s misuse. In a panel discussion, director Shalini Kantayya, HAI co-director Fei-Fei Li, 李飞飞, and HAI associate director Michele Elam examine the film’s core lessons and the future of facial recognition technology.

Documentary directed and produced by Shalini Kantayya. Premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. Runtime 90 minutes.

Modern society sits at the intersection of two crucial questions. What does it mean when artificial intelligence increasingly governs our liberties? And what are the consequences for the people AI is biased against?

When MIT Media Lab researcher Joy Buolamwini discovers that most facial-recognition software does not accurately identify darker-skinned faces and the faces of women, she delves into an investigation of widespread bias in algorithms. As it turns out, artificial intelligence is not neutral, and women are leading the charge to ensure our civil rights are protected.


  • Joy Buolamwini
  • Cathy O’Neil
  • Meredith Broussard
  • Silkie Carlo
  • Virginia Eubanks
  • Timnit Gebru
  • Deborah Raji
  • Safiya Noble
  • Zeynep Tufekci
  • Amy Webb