Documentaries  |    |  June 10, 2015

The Perfect Human Being – Creating Moral Robots

Excerpt – Runtime 5 minutes.

Excerpt from the documentary. Runtime 5 minutes.

Self-thinking and acting machines are becoming increasingly popular among the people. The Roomba vacuums the floor, and cars can run more and more independently. This is often good for the user, as it requires less time for households and less traffic accident. But the more autonomy a computer or robot gets, the more often it is faced with ethical dilemmas. Researcher artificial intelligence Matthias Scheutz therefore points to the importance of an ethical awareness of robots. In the Human-Robot-Interaction Laboratory at Tufts University in Massachusetts, he is working on creating a moral toolbox for robots.

This video is from the six-part science program De Volmaakte Mens (“The Perfect Human Being”) broadcast on Dutch television in Spring 2015. Visit the website at