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2020-02-07 – AIES: Third AAAI / ACM Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, and Society

Conference on February 7-8, 2020 in New York City, USA.

As AI (and associated AI-hype) grows more pervasive in our lives, its impact on society is ever more significant, raising ethical concerns and challenges regarding issues such as privacy, safety and security, surveillance, inequality, data handling and bias, personal agency, power relations, effective modes of regulation, accountability, sanctions, and workforce displacement. Only a multi-disciplinary effort can find the best ways to address these concerns, including experts from various disciplines, such as ethics, philosophy, economics, sociology, psychology, law, history, politics, interaction design, informatics, social studies of science and technology, communication and media studies, and political science, as well as those with lived experience in relation to the impacts of AI systems. In order to address these issues in a scientific context, AAAI and ACM joined forces in 2018 to start the AAAI/ACM Conference on AI, Ethics, and Society.

The program of the conference will include peer-reviewed paper presentations, invited talks, panels, and working sessions. We expect papers will be submitted by researchers using different approaches (e.g., critical, empirical, philosophical, aesthetic, case study, ethnographic, discourse or text analysis).