2020-05-14 – Third Annual AI on a Social Mission Conference

Conference on May 14-15, 2020 in Montreal, Canada.

AI on a Social Mission is a major conference on social impact of AI. Discover new applications of AI for Social Good, be inspired, share ideas, expertise, and contribute to social, economic and policy innovation.

INFORM & INSPIRE: Start ups on a Social Mission showcase the newest applications, and implications, of the use of AI for Social Good. These scientists, entrepreneurs share how they use AI in support of mental health, to maintain the elderly in the dignity of their home, to protect the environment, to support education, art, social finance, and access to justice.

MULTIDISCIPLINARY PANELSThe event presents brilliant and passionate keynote speakers and panelists that believe in sharing knowledge and supporting a fair and sustainable implementation of AI. You’ll leave with a better understanding of the social impacts of artificial intelligence as well as share your voice on supporting AI with a social mission. AI, data, social scientists, ethicists, jurists, artists, funding and policy experts come together on social impact of AI.

PUBLIC POLICY INNOVATION: In the afternoon, small facilitated groups gather to share perspectives on how we want to see AI integrated in our lives, how it can be applied to serve common goals for social good, how civil society organizations can have better access, and how we can best support those initiatives. This year, a particular emphasis will be placed on AI applied in the fields of health, education and employment. The recommendations issued by these groups will be summarized, published and follow up is done year round.