2020-10-05 – The Responsible AI for Social Empowerment Summit

Online Conference from October 5-9, 2020. Hosed by Ministry of Electronics & IT, Government of India.

In the history of human civilization, Artificial Intelligence is considered to be the next giant technological leap similar to electricity and the internet. With AI possessing the power to radically transform the economic and social fabric of the world we live in, it’s time to ask, how can we use AI responsibly for the good of humanity and for inclusive socio-economic development? The Responsible AI for Social Empowerment (RAISE 2020) virtual summit will be a Global Artificial Intelligence summit to be organized by the Government of India in partnership with Industry & Academia. The summit will be a global meeting of minds to exchange ideas and charter a course to use AI for social empowerment, inclusion, and transformation in key areas like Healthcare, Agriculture, Education and Smart Mobility amongst other sectors. It will witness robust participation from global industry leaders, key opinion makers, Government representatives, and academia. The RAISE 2020 Summit will feature some of the most exciting start-ups working in Artificial Intelligence and related fields.

Thematic Areas

  • Empowering 1 B+
    • AI In Governance / Societal AI
    • Socio Economic Empowerment
    • Citizen Centric Approach: Solving for India
    • Hum-AI-n Decision making: augmenting human potential co existing with AI
  • Responsible AI
    • Equitable AI: Bias in Algorithms
    • Ethical AI: Regulatory Hurdles
    • Human Centric Design
    • Ethical Ecosystem Awareness
  • Ecosystem Development
    • Standardization & IP
    • Lab to market
    • Research & Innovation
    • Democratizing Infrastructure
  • Data
    • Data: Quantum & Quality
    • Consumer Data: Privacy & Consent
    • Marketplace: Aggregation & Intelligence
  • Collaboration
    • Startup Ecosystem
    • Collaborative R&D: Industry & Academia
    • AI Adoption: Future of Work
    • GPAI: Global Partnership on AI – Forging Global Alliances