2021-12-06 – The Responsible AI Forum

Conference on December 6-8, 2021 in Munich, Germany. Promoting a sustainable, inclusive and comprehensive framework for the use of AI that delivers global benefit. The Responsible AI Forum, a 3-day event, aims to bring together members of industry, civil society, government and academia to

  • Discuss the most relevant and pressing issues related to the responsible use of AI through shared stories, cutting edge research and practical applications.
  • Encourage exchange between research and practice through productive discussion and demonstration.

A conference encompassing in the inter-related aspects of AI: Technology, Social Sciences, Business, Advocacy/Public Policy.

Though participation and exchange of ideas from all of these players we can approach AI in a responsible way.

The RAIF sets itself apart from other events in that it truly aims to strike a balance between being a forum for deep academic exchange and practice-based industrial showcasing:

  • Offering a range of session formats that allow for sector crossover, instead of parallel sector-specific tracks.
  • We aim to spark innovation through promoting exposure to the experiences and thoughts of organizations and actors in different sectors.

In the spirit of substantive exchange through applied research, all sessions must bear in mind the questions:

  • how can my research findings be used or implemented by practitioners AND/OR
  • how can our experience and insights from practice be useful for future research?