2018-09-24 – ETHICOMP: Creating, Changing, and Coalescing Ways of Life With Technologies

Conference on September 24-26, 2018 in Tricity, Poland. 

The Ethicomp series of conferences fosters an international community of scholars and technologists, including computer professionals and business professionals from industry. Ethicomp considers computer ethics conceived broadly to include philosophical, professional, and practical aspects of the field. Since 1995, conferences have been scheduled across Europe and Asia, with our main events coming every 18 months.

Information technologies shape our lives in a variety of ways. They can make new ways of life possible. They can also introduce changes to the ways we live our lives, even when not wholly transformative. And, once adopted, they can become deeply embedded in our lives, sometimes making change much more difficult or unlikely.  These influences each can have ethical import, although the specific nature of this import depends on a variety of features. Both change and stability can be valuable or problematic.

Organized by the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Computer Science Faculty in Gdańsk Department and SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Sopot Department.

We invite submissions that explore this theme, interpreted broadly, as well as on more specific tracks addressing particular issues relevant to the theme of the conference. A more detailed description of each track is available at the conference website. Questions may also be directed to the relevant Track Chairs, listed below.

We are working with publishers to explore publication possibilities for selected papers. If you are interested in this, you will have the opportunity to request consideration for these further venues when you submit the final version of the paper.


Related conference tracks for paper submission:

  • Ethics of AI: At Home and in the Workplace: Artificial Companions are the robots that assist with daily life. They are often viewed in a positive light, but sometimes with suspicion since they may interfere with the traditional family roles, such as parenting. This issue becomes controversial when artificial companions take up intimate roles as robotic lovers, though some authors support this alternative . Meanwhile, massive job replacement is expected along with development of AI. Not only simple tasks which have been substituted by machines, but also intellectual, professional tasks are to be conducted by machines: loan reviews, drug discovery, telediagnosis, for example. Such drastic changes in workplace introduce new ethical concerns to workplace and professional training. How should we cope with the issues? This session invites papers on case studies, theorization of human nature of “working,” and other related topics. Papers on AI at home, in the workplace, or the intersection of these concerns are encouraged.
  • Technology Meta-Ethics: The focus of this track is on the premises, foundations and axioms underlying approaches in fields such as Technology / Machine / Computer / ICT / Robot / Information / etc. Ethics. It invites contributors to address issues such as mind-body dualism, the existence or nonexistence of objective moral truths, epistemological and/or ontological naturalism or freedom of will, etc., and to put these issues into both the theoretical and practical contexts of ETHICOMP-related fields and objects of analysis.