2017-11-04 – PT-AI: 3rd Conference on Philosophy and Theory of Artificial Intelligence

Conference on November 4-5, 2017 in at the University of Leeds, UK.

Invited Speakers

  • José Hernández-Orallo (University of Valencia/LCFI Cambridge)
  • David C. Hogg (University of Leeds)
  • Thomas Metzinger (University of Mainz)
  • Peter Millican (University of Oxford)
  • Susan Schneider (University of Connecticut/Princeton IAS)
  • Mark Sprevak (University of Edinburgh)
  • Yi Zeng (Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing)


Artificial intelligence is set to change the world – as well as the way we see ourselves and the world. The conference will deal with fundamental issues of present and future artificial intelligence, such as:

Basic Concepts

  • Complexity 
  • Computation 
  • Consciousness 
  • Creativity 
  • Free will 
  • Information
  • Intelligence 
  • Intentionality & meaning & representation 
  • Life 
  • Superintelligence & singularity 


  • Human dignity and AI 
  • Impact on society 
  • Machine ethics 
  • Responsibility & rights for machines 
  • Risk to humanity & AI safety 

Approaches & Methods

  • Big data analytics 
  • Cognitive architecture 
  • Cooperation & interaction 
  • Cybernetics 
  • Dynamical systems 
  • Embodiment 
  • Enactive cognition
  • Embedded & extended mind 
  • Expert systems 
  • Machine learning & neural networks 
  • Neuroscience & AI 
  • Non-symbolic AI 
  • Robotics 


  • Action selection & rational choice 
  • Brain emulation and uploading 
  • Chinese room & symbol grounding 
  • Common sense
  • Cyborgs & extended mind 
  • Frame problem 
  • Gödelian arguments 
  • Turing test 


Accepted papers and posters will be published in a volume of proceedings in 2018 (in Springer’s SAPERE series). Selected papers will be published in a special volume of the journal Synthese (subject to approval). 

The papers from the 2011 and 2013 events have been published in ‘Minds and Machines‘, an edited volume of the SAPERE series (Springer) and an edited volume of the ‘Synthese’ series (Springer).

The 2017 conference also serves as preparation for the Oxford Handbook of the Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence (edited by Vincent C. Müller), OUP 2019.

Download conference proceedings: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-319-96448-5