2019-09-26 – Same, same or different? Neuroscience, robotics, AI and medical informatics: New insights with diversity & ethics

Workshop on September 26-27, 2019 at Graz University of Technology, Austria. 3rd Human Brain Project (HBP) Curriculum Workshop Series – Research ethics and societal impact. Co-funded by the European Union.

In this 2-day workshop, scientists from neuroscience, robotics, AI and medical informatics provided insights on how they consider variables such as sex, gender, age etc. Additionally, experts in ethics and diversity will introduce Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) concepts and their practical application.

This workshop addressed researchers and students who want to…

  • explore and make best use of research design, methodologies, and the operationalisation of variables in their field of expertise
  • get to know and apply RRI and ethical standards and useful tools for “Diversity in research”
  • share experiences and gain innovative insights from cross-science perspectives
  • use these new insights as an added value e.g. for research concepts, papers and proposal writing

Thursday 26 September 2019

Welcome address and introduction to the Institute of Theoretical Computer Science | 45 min
Robert Legenstein (Graz University of Technology)

Robot stereotypes – What you see is not what you get | 60 min
Benedikt Feldotto (Technical University of Munich)

The role of gender in the multimodal characterisation of biological substrates of personality traits | 60 min
Alessandra Nostro (Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience)

Personalised whole-brain models: Capturing the human diversity in medical treatment and research | 60 min
Jan Fousek (Aix-Marseille University)

Data protection and data ethics: Balancing big data and data-driven research | 60 min
Simisola Akintoye and William Knight (De Montfort University)

Open dialogue: Explore consequences of possible biases and RRI responses in your field of research together with the lecturers of the workshop | 45 min

Site visit: get to know DAVE – Definitely Affordable Virtual Environment | 90 min

Friday 27 September 2019

Neuroethics and philosophy in RRI | 60 min
Michele Farisco (Uppsala University)

The demystification of the robot: Why we need informed people and explainable machines | 60 min
Martina Mara (Johannes Kepler University Linz)

Societal impact through engagement of publics and experts in an HBP context | 30 min
Sita Ramchandra Kotnis (The Danish Board of Technology Foundation)

A look back and forward: Diversity and ethics in the history of science | 30 min
Harald Kleinberger-Pierer (FH Joanneum)

How the fulfilment of artificial mathematical intelligence will shift the working purpose of formal researchers: A meta-analysis by means of the Human Values and Control (Asilomar) principles | 30 min
Danny A. J. Gómez-Ramírez (Institución Universitaria Pascual Bravo)

Hands-on session for your research design: Exploring the diversity of research objects and target groups | 60 min
Karin Grasenick (convelop cooperative knowledge design gmbh)

Poster session & poster award | 75 min

What you always wanted to know about the HBP but never dared to ask: Lessons learned & feedback round | 30 min
Alois Saria (Medical University Innsbruck)