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2017-03-30 – SIRoS 2: Societal Implications of Robotics Symposium 2

Conference on March 30, 2017 at Brown University’s Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative. A one day pre-conference to WeRobot.

About SIRoS2:

Rapid advances in robotic technologies in the military, medicine, education, and even private homes demand a careful examination of the potentially transformative impact of robotics on society. The transformation could be positive: providing access to services previously unattainable to many individuals; raising productivity; and enhancing safety and quality of life. But the transformation could also be negative: restricting access to services to only those who can afford or operate new technology; replacing whole segments of the human workforce; and endangering people’s psychological safety through deceptive attachments to robot partners. This symposium brought together scholars and practitioners from multiple disciplines to examine the difficult questions:

  • What are our obligations to shape this transformation to be positive?
  • How can we contribute to such a positive shaping?
  • And what legal and ethical norms may have to be established to foster a harmonious growth toward a future society with robots?

(Watch the videos here.)