2021-03-04 – Translation Tutorial: A Crash Course in Motivating, Supporting, and Expanding Ethical Thinking in the Tech Classroom

Tutorial by Casey Fiesler, Solon Barocas, Augustin Chaintreau, Jessie Smith, and Michael Zimmer presented at the 2021 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (ACM FAccT) Track 3: Practice.

Despite growing calls to integrate ethics into computer science education, it is unclear what such an education should entail and how educators should go about this process. Members of the FAccT community have initiated—or been called upon to do— much of this work. Though there has been growing work in this area, there are still limited resources available to help educators cultivate ethical reasoning among computer science, data science, and other technical students. This tutorial provides a space for experts to discuss strategies and share resources for integrating ethical training into their teaching, as well as a structured environment for attendees to share successes and failures, seek practical advice, and learn from each other.

This tutorial brings together a group of organizers with experience teaching tech ethics in the context of computer science and data science, as well as expertise in ethics pedagogy. The organizers also have backgrounds in a diverse set of disciplines (computer science, law, communication, media studies) that present an interdisciplinary perspective towards teaching. Drawing lessons from an unaffiliated pre-FAT* 2018 workshop on data science ethics education (which was co-organized by Barocas and Fiesler), this tutorial will be organized as a series of short presentations followed by a discussion/workshop period where attendees can discuss the practicalities of teaching and seek advice from workshop organizers and other participants.