Guidelines  |    |  April 30, 2016

British Standard BS 8611: Robots and robotic devices. Guide to the ethical design and application of robots and robotic systems

Guidelines prepared by the British Standard Institution. 28 pages.

BS 8611 gives guidelines for the identification of potential ethical harm arising from the growing number of robots and autonomous systems being used in everyday life. The standard also provides additional guidelines to eliminate or reduce the risks associated with these ethical hazards to an acceptable level. The standard covers safe design, protective measures and information for the design and application of robots.

Who is this standard for?

  • Robot and robotics device designers and managers
  • The general public

Why should you use this standard?

BS 8611 was written by scientists, academics, ethicists, philosophers and users to provide guidance on specifically ethical hazards associated with robots and robotic systems and how to put protective measures in place. It recognizes that these potential ethical hazards have a broader implication than physical hazards, so it is important that different ethical harms and remedial considerations are considered.

The new standard builds on existing safety requirements for different types of robots, covering industrial, personal care and medical.