Guidelines  |    |  September 15, 2018

Sony Group’s Initiatives for Responsible AI

Guidelines published by Sony Corporation.


Through the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI), Sony aims to contribute to the development of a peaceful and sustainable society while delivering kando – a sense of excitement, wonder or emotion – to the world. Starting from the electronics business, Sony has continued to expand its business area and has become a diverse global company that offers entertainment such as music and movies, as well as financial services. To operate these business areas based on Sony’s Purpose to “Fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology.”, Sony Group AI Ethics Guidelines are hereby set forth below to ensure and promote a dialogue with various stakeholders and the proper utilization and research and development (“R&D”) of AI within Sony Group.

  1. Supporting Creative Life Styles and Building a Better Society
  2. Stakeholder Engagement
  3. Provision of Trusted Products and Services
  4. Privacy Protection
  5. Respect for Fairness
  6. Pursuit of Transparency
  7. The Evolution of AI and Ongoing Education