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Year Title Category Tags
2022Humanity Driven AI: Productivity, Well-being, Sustainability and PartnershipBooksResponsible AI, Society
2021Ethics, Governance, and Policies in Artificial IntelligenceBooksGovernance
2021Facebook Employees Flag Drug Cartels and Human Traffickers. The Company’s Response Is Weak, Documents Show.NewsSocial Media
2021Facebook Tried to Make Its Platform a Healthier Place. It Got Angrier Instead.NewsSocial Media
2021Facebook Knows Instagram Is Toxic for Many Teen Girls, Company Documents ShowNewsSocial Media
2021Facebook Says Its Rules Apply to All. Company Documents Reveal a Secret Elite That’s ExemptNewsSocial Media
2021The Facebook FilesPodcast SeriesSocial Media
2021System Error: Where Big Tech Went Wrong and How We Can RebootBooksAlgorithms, Responsible AI
20212021-10-20 – Global Ethics DayEventsPhilosophy
2021Early Introduction of AI in Spanish Middle Schools. A Motivational StudyArticlesK-12, Teaching
2021Microsoft AI – Responsible AI ResourcesWebsitesResponsible AI
2021The secret bias hidden in mortgage-approval algorithmsNewsAlgorithms, Bias
20212021-11-24 – International Conference on AI for People: Towards Sustainable AIEventsResponsible AI
2021How AI powered tech landed man in jail with scant evidenceNewsLaw
2021TWIML AI PodcastPodcast SeriesResponsible AI
2021The Robot Brains PodcastPodcast SeriesResponsible AI
2021Guidance for the Development of AI Risk and Impact AssessmentsReportsRisk
2021Contextualizing AI Education for K-12 Students to Enhance Their Learning of AI Literacy Through Culturally Responsive ApproachesArticlesK-12
2021Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence: Evidence from a Survey of Machine Learning ResearchersArticlesGovernance
20212021-10-19 – NIST Artificial Intelligence Risk Management Framework WorkshopEventsGovernance, Risk
2021Artificial intelligence can now be recognised as an inventor after historic Australian court decisionNewsCreativity, Law
20212021-09-15 – Responsible Tech SummitEventsResponsible AI
2021Just Algorithms: Using Science to Reduce Incarceration and Inform a Jurisprudence of RiskBooksAlgorithms, Law
20212021-07-27 – Teaching Responsible Computing SummitEventsTeaching
20212022-01-27 – AI Ethics SummitEventsAI for Good, Responsible AI
20212021-09-27 – Artificial Intelligence and Ethics – Workshop at KI2021: 44th German Conference on Artificial IntelligenceEventsResponsible AI
2021Comparing 2 Years of Empowering Families to Solve Real-World Problems with AIArticlesAI for Good, K-12
20212020 Survey of Artificial General Intelligence Projects for Ethics, Risk, and PolicyReportsRisk
20212021-10-28 – IEEE International Symposium on Technology and SocietyEventsSociety
2021UNESCO – Artificial Intelligence: Towards a Humanistic approachWebsitesResponsible AI
2021Can Silicon Valley Find God?NewsReligion
2021An Evidence-Based Methodology for Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA) in the Development of AI Data-Intensive SystemsArticlesHuman Rights
2021Intersectional Automations: Robotics, AI, Algorithms, and EquityBooksBias, Society
2021Why we need engineers who study ethics as much as mathsNewsTeaching
2021Ethics Key to AI Development, Secretary of Defense Austin SaysNewsMilitary
2021Apple’s Siri is no longer a woman by default, but is this really a win for feminism?NewsGender
2021Data-Related Ethics Issues in Technologies for Informal Professional LearningArticlesTeaching
2021Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIEd): a high-level academic and industry note 2021ArticlesTeaching
20212021-07-05 – CEPE/IACAP Joint Conference 2021EventsPhilosophy
2021Human-AI eXperience (HAX) ToolkitToolsResponsible AI
20212021-10-05 – ACM Conference on Equity and Access in Algorithms, Mechanisms, and OptimizationEventsAlgorithms, Responsible AI
2021Ethics as a Service: A Pragmatic Operationalisation of AI EthicsArticlesGovernance, Responsible AI
2021Experts Doubt Ethical AI Design Will Be Broadly Adopted as the Norm Within the Next DecadeReportsResponsible AI
2021A Brief Overview of Some Ethical-AI ToolkitsToolsResponsible AI
2021Ethical funding for trustworthy AI: proposals to address the responsibilities of funders to ensure that projects adhere to trustworthy AI practiceArticlesFunding
2021Teaching Law and Artificial IntelligenceArticlesLaw, Teaching
2021National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) PodcastPodcast SeriesGovernance, Military
2021Why ‘Ethics as a Service’ is a game changer for techNewsResponsible AI
2021Bringing Care and Concern to Engineering Students Through STS KnowledgeArticlesTeaching
20212021-10-03 – United Nations World Data Forum 2021EventsBig Data
20212021-10-13 – World Summit AIEventsResponsible AI
20212021-10-27 – Ethics and Explainability for Responsible Data ScienceEventsBig Data, Responsible AI
2021We the Gamers: How Games Teach Ethics and CivicsBooksTeaching
2021Value Sensitive Design to Achieve the UN SDGs with AI: A Case of Elderly Care RobotsArticlesHealthcare
2021Imagine a More Ethical AI: Using Stories to Develop Teens’ Awareness and Understanding of Artificial Intelligence and its Societal ImpactsConference PapersK-12, Teaching
2021Towards Human-Centered Explainable AI: the journey so farNewsAlgorithms, Responsible AI
2021We are AI: Taking Control of TechnologyCurriculumGovernance
2021AI and Ethics — Operationalising Responsible AIArticlesResponsible AI
2021Responsible AI for Social Empowerment and Education (RAISE)ProjectsK-12, Teaching
2021Helping students of all ages flourish in the era of artificial intelligenceNewsResponsible AI, Teaching
2021Computing Ethics Narratives (CEN)ProjectsTeaching
2021Designing AI for Explainability and Verifiability: A Value Sensitive Design Approach to Avoid Artificial Stupidity in Autonomous VehiclesArticlesAlgorithms, Transportation
2021A Differentiated Discussion About AI Education K-12ArticlesK-12, Teaching
2021AI Certification: Advancing Ethical Practice by Reducing Information AsymmetriesArticlesGovernance, Professionalism
2021Teaching Responsible Computing PlaybookCurriculumTeaching
2021AIHub.orgWebsitesResponsible AI
2021$1.7M grant to pilot AI student education for rural Indiana middle schoolersNewsFunding, K-12
2021Discover Artificial IntelligenceJournalsSociety
2021Fight Fire with Fire: Using Good AI to Combat Bad AINewsResponsible AI
2021African Values, Ethics, and Technology: Questions, Issues, and ApproachesBooksPhilosophy
2021IBM and Microsoft Have Integrated AI Ethical Standards into Their Operations, So Can YouNewsResponsible AI
2021AI Global Launches Responsible AI Certification Beta, Announces RebrandingNewsGovernance, Responsible AI
2021Responsible Artificial Intelligence Institute (formerly AI Global)OrganizationsGovernance, Responsible AI
2021The IEEE Trusted Data and Artificial Intelligence Systems (AIS) Playbook for Financial ServicesReportsEconomics, Responsible AI
2021For Big Tech whistleblowers, there’s no such thing as ‘moving on’NewsProfessionalism
2021Towards a framework for evaluating the safety, acceptability and efficacy of AI systems for health: an initial synthesisArticlesGovernance, Healthcare
2021Ethics of AI in Education: Towards a Community-Wide FrameworkArticlesTeaching
2021China’s Techno-Authoritarianism Has Gone Global — Washington Needs to Offer an AlternativeNewsHuman Rights
2021Atlas of AI: Power, Politics, and the Planetary Costs of Artificial IntelligenceBooksGovernance
2021Teaching Data Ethics: Foundations and Possibilities from Engineering and Computer Science Ethics EducationReportsHigher Ed, Teaching
2021Center for AI and Digital PolicyOrganizationsGovernance
2021A.I. Nation: An Artificial Intelligence PodcastPodcast SeriesGovernance, Society
20212021-08-08 – The impact of artificial intelligence on employability, entrepreneurship in an attempt to reduce cognitive injusticesEventsBias, Economics
2021ML Fairness Mini-Bootcamp: Learning to Identify Algorithmic BiasCurriculumAlgorithms, Bias
2021What Multipolar Failure Looks Like, and Robust Agent-Agnostic Processes (RAAPs)NewsRisk
2021Efficiency, Efficacy, and Equity: Leveraging Ethical AI to Revolutionize EducationLecturesK-12, Responsible AI
2021The problem with “moral machines”Podcast EpisodesPhilosophy
2021Community-in-the-loop: towards pluralistic value creation in AI, or—why AI needs business ethicsArticlesGovernance, Society
2021Final Report: National Security Commission on Artificial IntelligenceReportsGovernance, Military
2021Integrating Ethics into Introductory Programming ClassesConference PapersTeaching
2021Responsible AI PodcastPodcast SeriesResponsible AI
2021How Can Machines Learn Human Values?LecturesAlgorithms, Responsible AI
2021In AI We TrustPodcast SeriesResponsible AI
2021Attitude of college students towards ethical issues of artificial intelligence in an international university in JapanArticlesEconomics, Psychology
2021How The AI Sector Can Use Nonprofits As An Ethical ExampleNewsAI for Good, Responsible AI
2021Developing Middle School Students’ AI LiteracyConference PapersK-12, Teaching
2021Your Computer Is on FireBooksSociety
20212021-03-04 – Translation Tutorial: A Crash Course in Motivating, Supporting, and Expanding Ethical Thinking in the Tech ClassroomEventsTeaching
2021You Can’t Sit With Us: Exclusionary Pedagogy in AI Ethics EducationConference PapersHigher Ed, Teaching
2021Value Cards: An Educational Toolkit for Teaching Social Impacts of Machine Learning through DeliberationConference PapersResponsible AI, Teaching
2021Strategies for Effective and Inclusive Computer Science TeachingOnline CoursesK-12, Teaching
2021CFP: NSF Program on Fairness in Artificial Intelligence in Collaboration with Amazon (FAI)ProjectsFunding
20212021-10-18 – 3rd Annual AI World GovernmentEventsGovernance
20212021-05-09 – Co-Designing Resources For Ethics Education In Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)EventsTeaching
20212021-06-14 – Human Centered Intelligence Systems Conference (HCIS-21)EventsResponsible AI
2021Harmonious Technology: A Confucian Ethics of TechnologyBooksReligion
2021Data Ethics in Education and the Social Sector: What Does It Mean and Why Does it Matter?ReportsBig Data, Society
2021Ethics-Based Auditing to Develop Trustworthy AIArticlesGovernance, Responsible AI
2021Who Should Stop Unethical A.I.? At artificial-intelligence conferences, researchers are increasingly alarmed by what they seeNewsGovernance, Responsible AI
2021The Role of Arts in Shaping AI EthicsConference PapersCreativity
2021Teacher Perspectives on How To Train Your Robot: A Middle School AI and Ethics CurriculumConference PapersK-12, Teaching
2021Why and What to Teach: AI Curriculum for Elementary SchoolConference PapersK-12, Teaching
2021Teaching Tech to Talk: K-12 Conversational Artificial Intelligence: Literacy Curriculum and Development ToolsConference PapersK-12, Teaching
2021Tutorial: Responsible AI in Industry: Practical Challenges and Lessons LearnedLecturesResponsible AI
2021AI Ethics: Global PerspectivesOnline CoursesResponsible AI
20212021-05-19 – AIES: Fourth AAAI / ACM Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, and SocietyEventsSociety
2021Impossibility Results for the Online Verification of Ethical and Legal Behaviour of RobotsReportsLaw, Responsible AI
2021TechHive AI Learning Program for High School StudentsProjectsK-12
2021The Institute for Ethics in AI at Oxford UniversityOrganizationsPhilosophy
2021Using Frankenstein-themed science activities for science ethics education: An exploratory studyArticlesK-12, Teaching
2021Responsible AI Community PortalWebsitesResponsible AI
2021Why machines cannot be moralArticlesPhilosophy
2021Lethal Autonomous Weapons: Re-Examining the Law and Ethics of Robotic WarfareBooksLaw, Military
2021Developing AI Literacy: The DAILy-AI workshopCurriculumK-12
2021AI4Society DialoguesPodcast SeriesSociety
20212021-06-08 – Responsible AI and Social Good. Track at the Open Data Science ConferenceEventsAI for Good, Responsible AI
20212021-04-06 – First Global Technology Governance SummitEventsGovernance
2021The State of AI Ethics: January 2021ReportsResponsible AI
2020The Routledge Handbook of the Philosophy of EngineeringBooksPhilosophy, Professionalism
2020Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Power: 5 BattlegroundsBooksEconomics, Society
2020The Computer’s Voice: From Star Trek to SiriBooksGender
2020Ethical issues in using ambient intelligence in health-care settingsArticlesHealthcare
2020Algorithmic bias and the Value Sensitive Design approachArticlesAlgorithms, Bias
2020Retired UW computer science professor embroiled in Twitter spat over AI ethics and ‘cancel culture’NewsHigher Ed, Professionalism
2020University of Cambridge Launches Master’s Degree in AI Ethics and SocietyNewsHigher Ed
2020A Comparative Study on Artificial Intelligence CurriculaStudent PapersK-12, Teaching
2020We read the paper that forced Timnit Gebru out of Google. Here’s what it saysNewsProfessionalism, Responsible AI
2020Value Sensitive Design with Steven UmbrelloPodcast EpisodesPhilosophy, Responsible AI
2020Automating autism: Disability, discourse, and Artificial IntelligenceArticlesHuman Rights
2020The Journal of Sociotechnical CritiqueJournalsPhilosophy
2020University of Helsinki: The Ethics of AIOnline CoursesResponsible AI
2020Beyond Bias: Re-Imagining the Terms of ‘Ethical AI’ in Criminal LawArticlesLaw
2020Training Ethically Responsible AI Researchers: a Case StudyArticlesResponsible AI, Teaching
2020When AI Systems Fail: Introducing the AI Incident DatabaseNewsResponsible AI
2020Artificial Intelligence Incident DatabaseWebsitesResponsible AI
2020Some AI research areas and their relevance to existential safetyNewsRisk
2020Ethics in the Software Development Process: From Codes of Conduct to Ethical DeliberationArticlesProfessionalism, Responsible AI
2020The Cambridge Handbook of the Law of AlgorithmsBooksAlgorithms, Law
2020The foundations of a policy for the use of social robots in careArticlesHealthcare
2020CertNexus Launches First High-Stakes, Vendor-Neutral Data Ethics Certification: Certified Ethical Emerging TechnologistNewsProfessionalism, Responsible AI
2020AI should embody our values: Investigating journalistic values to inform AI technology designConference PapersCreativity
2020Conceptualizing Policy in Value Sensitive Design: A Machine Ethics ApproachArticlesGovernance, Philosophy
2020Machine Law, Ethics, and Morality in the Age of Artificial IntelligenceBooksLaw
2020Does AI make better decisions than humans?DocumentariesAlgorithms
2020The Alignment Problem: Machine Learning and Human ValuesBooksResponsible AI
2020AI and ethicsArticlesPhilosophy
2020AI and moral thinking: how can we live well with machines to enhance our moral agency?ArticlesPhilosophy
2020AI for climate: freedom, justice, and other ethical and political challengesArticlesEnvironment
2020Emerging challenges in AI and the need for AI ethics educationArticlesHigher Ed, Teaching
2020Brave: what it means to be an AI EthicistArticlesProfessionalism, Responsible AI
2020Business Data Ethics: Emerging Trends in the Governance of Advanced Analytics and AIReportsBig Data, Governance
2020Artificial Intelligence, Values, and AlignmentArticlesPhilosophy
2020AI Localism: The Responsible Use and Design of Artificial Intelligence at the Local LevelProjectsSociety
2020Artificial intelligence in the water domain: Opportunities for responsible useArticlesEnvironment, Responsible AI
2020How Humans Judge MachinesBooksPsychology, Society
2020Independent Review Guidelines for Responsible AINewsResponsible AI
2020Explainability Case StudiesArticlesResponsible AI, Teaching
2020AI-enabled suicide prediction tools: ethical considerations for medical leadersArticlesPsychology
2020Designing AI learning experiences for K-12: Emerging works, future opportunities and a design frameworkArticlesK-12, Teaching
20203 Trusted AI Toolkits Join Linux Foundation AI as Newest Incubation ProjectsNewsResponsible AI
2020AI ethics groups are repeating one of society’s classic mistakesNewsGovernance, Responsible AI
2020When Algorithms Give Real Students Imaginary GradesNewsHigher Ed, Teaching
2020The Social DilemmaDocumentariesPrivacy, Social Media
2020Dealing with Emerging AI Technologies: Teaching and Learning Ethics for AIArticlesTeaching
2020Ethical and social aspects of co-intelligent monitoring and assistance systems in dementia careProjectsHealthcare
20202021-03-03 – ACM FAccT – Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and TransparencyEventsResponsible AI
2020The Smart Wife: Why Siri, Alexa, and Other Smart Home Devices Need a Feminist RebootBooksGender, Sexuality
2020Putting Ethics Into Action: A Beginner’s Guide to AI and Big Data EthicsOnline CoursesResponsible AI
2020Ethics in Artificial IntelligenceBooksPhilosophy, Responsible AI
2020Lethal Autonomous Weapons SystemsWebsitesMilitary
2020The Brain Implants That Could Change HumanityNewsNeuroscience
2020Google Offers to Help Others With the Tricky Ethics of AINewsResponsible AI
2020Societal and Ethical Issues in HRIArticlesSociety
2020Professor Alena Buyx on the embedded ethics approach in AI developmentNewsHigher Ed, Teaching
2020How AI and Art Hold Each Other AccountableNewsCreativity
2020Northwestern University Machine Learning Impact InitiativeProjectsRisk
2020Addressing bias in large-scale AI applications: The LinkedIn Fairness ToolkitToolsResponsible AI
2020A Fun AI Syllabus for KidsCurriculumK-12, Teaching
2020UK A-level algorithm fiasco a global example of what not to do – what went wrong and whyNewsAlgorithms, Higher Ed
2020Councils scrapping use of algorithms in benefit and welfare decisionsNewsAlgorithms
2020“Playing the Whole Game”: A Data Collection and Analysis Exercise With Google CalendarArticlesBig Data, Teaching
2020The term ‘ethical AI’ is finally starting to mean somethingNewsGovernance, Responsible AI
2020University of San Francisco Data Institute: Applied Data EthicsOnline CoursesBig Data
2020Designing for human rights in AIArticlesBig Data, Human Rights
2020Algorithmic Colonization of AfricaArticlesAlgorithms, Society
2020Can we move beyond the AI hype to defend human rights?NewsHuman Rights
2020Stopping Killer Robots: Country Positions on Banning Fully Autonomous Weapons and Retaining Human ControlReportsHuman Rights, Military
2020At Talkspace, Start-Up Culture Collides With Mental Health ConcernsNewsHealthcare, Psychology
2020Speculative Human Rights: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of the HumanArticlesHuman Rights
2020In Machines We TrustPodcast SeriesResponsible AI
2020Bias, Algorithms and Criminal JusticePodcast EpisodesAlgorithms, Law
2020AI For TeachersOrganizationsK-12, Teaching
2020An embedded ethics approach for AI developmentArticlesHigher Ed, Teaching
2020Data isn’t just being collected from your phone. It’s being used to score you.NewsBig Data, Privacy
2020Turning Point: Policymaking in the Era of Artificial IntelligenceBooksGovernance
2020AI and EthicsJournalsGovernance
2020Responsible AI Industry Heat MapToolsResponsible AI
2020Unique ethical challenges for the 21st century: Online technology and virtue educationArticlesTeaching
2020Global exam grading algorithm under fire for suspected biasNewsHigher Ed, Teaching
2020The Temptation of Data-enabled Surveillance: Are Universities the Next Cautionary Tale?ArticlesHigher Ed, Privacy
2020CBSE Collaborates with IBM To Integrate AI Curriculum in 200 Schools across IndiaNewsAI for Good, K-12
2020Theology and WestworldBooksReligion
2020Ethical Explorer PackToolsResponsible AI
2020The Oxford Handbook of Ethics of AIBooksPhilosophy
2020Towards Increased Transparency with Value Sensitive DesignConference PapersPhilosophy, Responsible AI
2020Staging Reflections on Ethical Dilemmas in Machine Learning: A Card-Based Design Workshop for High School StudentsConference PapersK-12, Teaching
2020Programming Fairness in AlgorithmsNewsAlgorithms, Bias
2020Integrating data science ethics into an undergraduate majorArticlesHigher Ed, Teaching
2020MIT apologizes, permanently pulls offline huge dataset that taught AI systems to use racist, misogynistic slursNewsBias, Big Data
2020Notre Dame, IBM launch Tech Ethics Lab to tackle the ethical implications of technologyNewsFunding
2020Tech Ethics LabOrganizationsHigher Ed, Responsible AI
2020The Reasonable Robot: Artificial Intelligence and the LawBooksLaw
2020AI for Sustainable Development Goals (AI4SDGs) Think TankOrganizationsAI for Good
2020Artificial intelligence in a crisis needs ethics with urgencyArticlesHealthcare, Responsible AI
2020Decoding design agendas: an ethical design activity for middle school studentsConference PapersK-12, Teaching
2020Leveraging the ACM Code of Ethics Against Ethical Snake Oil and Dodgy DevelopmentLecturesProfessionalism
2020The Chinese approach to artificial intelligence: an analysis of policy, ethics, and regulationArticlesGovernance
2020OECD to host Secretariat of new Global Partnership on Artificial IntelligenceNewsGovernance, Human Rights
2020Black Boxes Are Not RequiredPodcast EpisodesAlgorithms, Responsible AI
2020Mind the App—Considerations on the Ethical Risks of COVID-19 AppsArticlesHealthcare, Privacy
2020Governments Aren’t Yet Serious About AI’s Risk to Human RightsNewsHuman Rights
2020“This is Just a Prototype”: How Ethics Are Ignored in Software Startup-Like EnvironmentsConference PapersResponsible AI
2020The Urban Ethics of an AI-powered Planetary UrbanizationArticlesEnvironment, Society
2020The Ethics Equation: Building Ethical IntelligencePodcast SeriesResponsible AI
20202020-08-18 – International Research Conference Robophilosophy 2020EventsPhilosophy
2020Star Trek, medicine, ethics, nanotechnology and nursingArticlesHealthcare, Science Fiction
2020Robots as persons? Implications for moral educationArticlesTeaching
2020Teaching Artificial Intelligence in the Secondary Classroom (2020)Online CoursesK-12, Teaching
2020Teaching Artificial Intelligence in the Primary Classroom (2020)Online CoursesK-12, Teaching
2020Global Partnership on Artificial IntelligenceOrganizationsResponsible AI
2020Stanford Existential Risks InitiativeOrganizationsRisk
2020AI Research Considerations for Human Existential Safety (ARCHES)ReportsResponsible AI, Risk
2020Future of Work PioneersPodcast SeriesEconomics
2020Socially Assistive Robots, Older Adults and Research Ethics: The Case for Case-Based Ethics TrainingArticlesHealthcare, Teaching
2020A High-Level Overview of AI EthicsArticlesResponsible AI
2020A New Class of AI EthicsNewsK-12
2020Refining Value Sensitive Design: A (Capability-Based) Procedural Ethics Approach to Technological Design for Well-BeingArticlesPhilosophy
2020Digital Ethics in Higher Education: 2020NewsHigher Ed
2020Can my algorithm be my opinion?: An AI + Ethics Curriculum for Middle School StudentsStudent PapersK-12, Teaching
2020Fairlearn: A toolkit to assess and improve the fairness of machine learning modelsToolsBias, Responsible AI
2020Relating to Things: Design, Technology and the ArtificialBooksPhilosophy, Psychology
2020AI, Robots, and Ethics in the Age of COVID-19NewsHealthcare, Privacy
2020Decision Points in AI Governance: Three Case Studies Explore Efforts To Operationalize AI PrinciplesReportsGovernance
2020Harvard Carr Center Announces Technology and Human Rights Advisory Committee and New Technology and Human Rights FellowsNewsHuman Rights
2020Association for Philosophy and ComputingOrganizationsPhilosophy
2020Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and RoboticsArticlesPhilosophy
2020“Blessed by the algorithm”: Theistic conceptions of artificial intelligence in online discourseArticlesReligion
2020Using Artificial Intelligence and AlgorithmsGuidelinesAlgorithms, Big Data
2020Teaching Responsible Conduct of Research Through an Interactive Storytelling GameConference PapersTeaching
2020AI and Data Privacy Activities for K-9 StudentsCurriculumK-12
2020The Big Reset 2.0: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Our LivesDocumentariesSociety
2020ECCOLA – a Method for Implementing Ethically Aligned AI SystemsToolsResponsible AI
2020AI Ethics Guidelines Global InventoryWebsitesGovernance
2020National Artificial Intelligence Strategies and Human Rights: A ReviewReportsHuman Rights
2020Advancing AI ethics beyond compliance: From principles to practiceReportsResponsible AI
2020AI EthicsBooksPhilosophy
2020Designing Tech Policy: Instructional Case Studies For Technologists And PolicymakersCurriculumGovernance, Teaching
2020Global AI Ethics ConsortiumOrganizationsResponsible AI
2020From Principles to Practice: An interdisciplinary framework to operationalise AI ethicsReportsResponsible AI
2020RAI Design‌ ‌Assistant‌ToolsResponsible AI
2020AI in the headlines: the portrayal of the ethical issues of artificial intelligence in the mediaArticlesEngagement, Society
2020Exploring the Role of Gender in Perceptions of Robotic NoncomplianceConference PapersGender, Psychology
2020AI Creativity: Emergent Works and the Void in Current Copyright DoctrineArticlesCreativity, Law
2020Last Week in AIPodcast SeriesSociety
2020Can you sue an algorithm for malpractice? It dependsNewsHealthcare, Law
2020Humans and Robots: Ethics, Agency, and AnthropomorphismBooksPsychology
2020Teaching a code of ethics to tech workers before they write computer codeNewsProfessionalism, Teaching
2020Radical AI PodcastPodcast SeriesResponsible AI
2020IEEE Transactions on Technology and SocietyJournalsProfessionalism, Society
2020Artificial intelligence and sustainable developmentArticlesEnvironment
2020The Age of Secrecy and Unfairness in Recidivism PredictionArticlesAlgorithms, Bias
2020NSF Award: EAGER: Developing AI Literacy Interventions to Teach Fundamental Concepts in AIProjectsK-12, Teaching
2020Largest gift in UC Berkeley’s history will create a ‘hub’ for advancing data scienceNewsBig Data, Funding
20202021-12-06 – The Responsible AI ForumEventsResponsible AI
2020A Vision of AI for Joyful EducationArticlesHigher Ed, K-12
20202020-02-26 – The ‘good’ Algorithm? Artificial Intelligence: Ethics, Law, HealthEventsReligion
2020Faith leaders explore ethics, morality of growing artificial intelligence usage in U.S.NewsReligion
2020Advancing AI Ethics in Japan: A Q&A with Dr. Arisa Ema, Professor at University of TokyoNewsHigher Ed, Responsible AI
2020The new tool helping Asian newsrooms detect fake imagesNewsSocial Media
2020Cornell joins network to expand public interest techNewsAI for Good
2020Bankers embrace new guidelines for ethical AINewsEconomics
2020US Department of Defense Officials Discuss Artificial Intelligence EthicsDiscussionsMilitary
2020The Great Google Revolt: Some of its employees tried to stop their company from doing work they saw as unethical. It blew up in their faces.NewsProfessionalism
2020Human-Centered AI PodcastPodcast SeriesResponsible AI
2020New HAI-Funded Research Explores AI in GovernanceNewsFunding, Governance
2020Fawkes: Protecting Personal Privacy against Unauthorized Deep Learning ModelsArticlesPrivacy
2020The Paradox of Algorithmic TransparencyPodcast EpisodesAlgorithms
2020Government by Algorithm: Artificial Intelligence in Federal Administrative AgenciesReportsGovernance
2020PBS Frontline: Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff BezosDocumentariesEconomics
2020What happens when a machine can write as well as an academic?NewsCreativity, Higher Ed
2020AI algorithms intended to root out welfare fraud often end up punishing the poor insteadNewsAlgorithms, Economics
2020CDEI and BCS study into ethical maturity of AI practiceNewsTeaching
2020The limits of human predictions of recidivismArticlesBias, Law
2020Emotion AI researchers say overblown claims give their work a bad nameNewsEmotions
2020Twenty teams funded to develop ‘AI for Good’ in the Nittany AI ChallengeNewsAI for Good, Funding
2020Algorithmic Injustices and Relational Ethics – Interview with Abeba BirhanePodcast EpisodesAlgorithms, Bias
2020Algorithm Groups People More Fairly to Reduce AI BiasNewsAlgorithms, Bias
2020Why Clearview AI is a threat to us allNewsLaw, Privacy
2020Linux Foundation: Ethics in AI and Big DataOnline CoursesBig Data
2020Seattle University: AI Ethics for BusinessOnline CoursesSociety
2020Microsoft and IBM partner with Pontifical Academy for Life in committing to ethical principlesNewsReligion
2020An Experimental Ethics Approach to Robot Ethics EducationConference PapersTeaching
2020What’s Next for AI Ethics, Policy, and Governance? A Global OverviewConference PapersGovernance
2020Human Comprehension of Fairness in Machine LearningConference PapersAlgorithms, Bias
2020Robot Rights?: Let’s Talk about Human Welfare InsteadConference PapersHuman Rights
2020Unchecked Power: The root of big tech issuesReportsGovernance, Responsible AI
2020University of California, Davis: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and EthicsOnline CoursesBig Data
2020An Algorithm That Grants Freedom, or Takes It AwayNewsAlgorithms, Bias
2020AI-Mediated Communication: Definition, Research Agenda, and Ethical ConsiderationsArticlesPsychology
2020Ethicists aim to save tech’s soul. Will anyone let them?NewsPhilosophy
2020CDEI Review of Online Targeting: Final Report and RecommendationsReportsSocial Media
2020CDEI calls for overhaul of social media regulationNewsSocial Media
2020Towards a Shared Vision of Ethical AI in EducationReportsHigher Ed, K-12
2020Fairness in Machine Learning: Lessons from Political PhilosophyConference PapersPhilosophy
2020Ethics in Design and Communication: Critical PerspectivesBooksResponsible AI
20202020-06-17 – ETHICOMP: 18th International Conference on the Ethical and Social Impacts of ICTEventsSociety
2020Coded BiasDocumentariesBias
2020What to account for when accounting for algorithms: a systematic literature review on algorithmic accountabilityStudent PapersAlgorithms
2020Towards fairer datasets: filtering and balancing the distribution of the people subtree in the ImageNet hierarchyConference PapersBias
2020The Windfall Clause: Distributing the Benefits of AIReportsAI for Good, Economics
2020Why asking an AI to explain itself can make things worseNewsAlgorithms
2020Opioid Case Spotlights Use of AI for Health-Care FraudNewsHealthcare
2020Microsoft AI for Good: AI for HealthProjectsAI for Good, Healthcare
2020Day Zero Ethics for Military AINewsMilitary
2020Electronic Health Records Vendor to Pay $145 Million to Resolve Criminal and Civil InvestigationsNewsHealthcare
2020The battle for ethical AI at the world’s biggest machine-learning conferenceNewsResponsible AI
2020Lesson – Ethics in AI: Don’t Let DANN Turn Evil!CurriculumK-12
2020Actua’s Artificial Intelligence Education HandbookCurriculumK-12, Teaching
2020Exploring the ethics of emotional artificial intelligenceNewsEmotions
2020ESC: Center for Ethics, Society, and Computing at University of MichiganOrganizationsResponsible AI
2020UCI Law Receives Grant to Bolster Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies CurriculumNewsFunding, Law
2020Machine Ethics: From Machine Morals to the Machinery of MoralityBooksPhilosophy
20202020-01-30 – Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Ethics and ReligionEventsReligion
2020PAI Launches Interactive Project To Put Ethical AI Principles into PracticeNewsResponsible AI
2020Closing Gaps Ideation GameToolsResponsible AI
2020Five guiding principles for responsible use of AI in healthcare and healthy livingNewsHealthcare
2020University of Edinburgh: Data Ethics, AI and Responsible InnovationOnline CoursesBig Data, Higher Ed
2020The Explanation Game: A Formal Framework for Interpretable Machine LearningArticlesAlgorithms, Responsible AI
2020Ethical and legal considerations of artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision-making in personalized pricingArticlesBias, Economics
2020Promoting Responsible Artificial Intelligence in InsuranceReportsEconomics
2020Foresight into AI Ethics in Healthcare (FAIE-H): A toolkit for creating an ethics roadmap for your healthcare AI projectToolsHealthcare
2020Designing Ethics in Large-scale Socio-technical SystemsArticlesPhilosophy, Responsible AI
2020A World Without Work: Technology, Automation, and How We Should RespondBooksEconomics
2020AI for PeaceOrganizationsAI for Good, Human Rights
20202021-11-11 – Third Annual AI for Good SummitEventsAI for Good
20202020-08-31 – RE’20: 28th IEEE International Requirements Engineering ConferenceEventsResponsible AI
2020AI can now read emotions – should it?NewsEmotions
2020Expert in Artificial Intelligence Named Hastings Center Senior AdvisorNewsGovernance
2020The Ethical Implications of Using Artificial Intelligence in AuditingArticlesEconomics
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