AI and Ethics

Peer-reviewed journal published by Springer Nature. Launched in July 2020.

AI and Ethics seeks to promote informed debate and discussion of the ethical, regulatory, and policy implications that arise from the development of AI. It will focus on how AI techniques, tools, and technologies are developing, including consideration of where these developments may lead in the future. The journal will provide opportunities for academics, scientists, practitioners, policy makers, and the public to consider how AI might affect our lives in the future, and what implications, benefits, and risks might emerge.

  • First international, multi-discipline AI and Ethics journal in the field
  • Will attract authors and readers interested in technology, governance, law, society and public policy
  • The journal will be accessible and valued by public policy makers and developers as well as technologists, scientists and academics
  • Welcomes all article types including original research, reviews and opinion pieces/commentaries