American Journal of Bioethics Neuroscience

Peer-reviewed journal published by Taylor & Francis. Official journal of the International Neuroethics Society.

AJOB Neuroscience provides a comprehensive, peer-reviewed resource for scholars, practitioners, and others interested in ethics and the brain sciences. We interpret the scope of the field broadly, and seek wide-ranging contributions exploring the ethical, social, and legal dimensions of neuroscience.

Our goal is to inspire and inform research and writing across disciplines through target articles, peer commentary, book reviews, qualitative research, and other innovative formats.As a primary resource in the field, AJOB Neuroscience publishes announcements, career opportunities, and the latest news and developments in the discipline.

All submissions undergo rigorous double-blind peer review as well as a rigorous internal review process prior to publication.

January 2020: Call for Papers on The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

AJOB Neuroscience is currently issuing a call for papers that explore the ethical intersection of neuroscience with artificial intelligence (AI). Sample topics might include:

  • robotics
  • neural decoding/reading/writing
  • personal identity
  • data privacy
  • regulatory issues
  • bias and automation bias
  • ground truth
  • algorithm training
  • model testing
  • transparency
  • explainability
  • autonomous systems