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Journal of Science & Technology Law

Published by Boston University School of Law.

Publishes the best practical scholarship from experts in the areas of biotechnology, computers and communications, intellectual property, technology transfer and business law for technology-based companies. JOSTL is published by 50 second- and third-year students from Boston University School of Law.

The Editorial Board invites the submission of unsolicited manuscripts. Submissions may include previously unpublished articles, essays, case notes, or comments concerning any aspect of the relationship among science, technology, and the law. JOSTL especially welcomes pieces treating any of the following areas: biotechnology law, computer and communications law, technology transfer, and business law relating to technology-based companies. If any portion of a manuscript has been previously published, the author should so indicate. In addition, the author should include his or her credentials, including full name, degrees earned, academic or professional affiliations, and citations to all previously published legal articles.

Please note that JOSTL does not accept submissions from law students currently enrolled at other schools.

Available in print and online.