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European Journal of Law and Technology

Refereed open access journal focusing on issues of law and technology in a European context. We are interested in topics which relate generally to European issues in information and technology law. Articles submitted might cover topical issues in intellectual property, media, use of technology in governance and legal education, crime, commerce, human rights issues, jurisprudence etc.

The journal will consider articles which cover more international aspects – such as developments in the international context – but these should be written in a comparative manner, and be of interest to a European readership. Articles which look at non-European issues in law and technology should consider publishing in Law, Social Justice and Global Development Journal (LGD) which is a sister publication, also publishing as an open access journal, however we are happy to consider such articles where they compare and contrast with European approaches.

EJLT is interested in medium length and larger length articles. We usually prefer a length of 8,000 words to 12,000 words, but will accept longer articles of sufficient quality or where the author is prepared to cover costs of extra proofing. We follow the practice of JILT and welcome commentaries. These are shorter articles which are not peer reviewed, but are of interest to the readership. Topics may well cover comments on a single case, a series of cases, educational technology issues (developments in software, perhaps), or notes on developments which the author feels should be brought to the attention of the readership, but where a fully developed article is not yet available. Students undertaking research projects may also find the commentary section useful to provide a short overview of their findings.

NOTE: EJLT was previously published as The Journal of Law, Information and Technology (JILT). Back issues are available here.