Journal of Information Ethics

Journal published by McFarland.

From the ethics of Caller ID to transmission of sexually explicit materials via Internet, the information age presents a barrage of ethical challenges. In this acclaimed twice-yearly journal, some of the brightest and most influential figures in the information sciences confront a broad range of these transdisciplinary issues.

Manuscripts dealing with any aspect of information ethics are welcome. JIE deals with ethics in all areas of information or knowledge production and dissemination. This includes, but is not limited to, library and information science, education for these professions, technology, government publication and legislation, graphic display, computer security, database management, disinformation, peer review, privacy, censorship, cyberspace, and information liability approached from sociological, philosophical, theoretical, and applied perspectives. JIE publishes letters to the editor, brief notes (4-6 pages), essays (10-25 pages), and book or topical journal issue reviews.