Minds and Machines: Journal for Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy and Cognitive Science

Published by Springer.

Affiliated with the Society for Machines and Mentality, the journal Minds and Machines fosters a tradition of criticism within the AI and philosophical communities on problems and issues of common concern. Its scope explicitly encompasses philosophical aspects of computer science. The journal affords an international forum for the discussion and debate of important and controversial issues concerning significant developments within its areas of editorial focus. It features special issues devoted to specific topics, critical responses to previously published pieces, and review essays discussing current problem situations.

Article types

The journal publishes original research articles, special symposia, book reviews, and special issues devoted to specific topics at the intersection of philosophy, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science. We look with interest at critical replies to articles appearing in the journal and we encourage threads of constructive, critical discussion. We generally do not publish critiques of articles that have appeared in other journals.