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Philosophies is an international, open access journal dedicated to scientific research and philosophical reflection concerning themes at the intersection of philosophical, scientific, technological, and cultural studies. Although the philosophy of science, with its foundations in epistemology, scientific methodology, and the history of science, is at the core of the scope of Philosophies, the journal seeks much broader perspectives that integrate the diverse intellectual tools developed in a large variety of scientific disciplines and philosophical systems. The ultimate goal of the journal is to reach for a synthesis of knowledge using the collective wisdom of diverse methodologies.

Thus, in addition to works devoted to the more traditional themes of the philosophy of science, and of the philosophies of mathematics, logic, cognition, computation, etc., we invite articles or essays searching for new methods of inquiry. The journal is also for those who want to cross the borders between different scientific and philosophical disciplines or between different cultural paradigms of intellectual inquiry in the search for better understandings of traditional subjects of study; the journal is suitable for a wide range of philosophical and scientific questions and problems.

Philosophies publishes reviews, regular research papers, philosophical essays, and short communications. We aim to encourage scientists and philosophers to publish their scientific results and philosophical reflections in as much detail as necessary to achieve high quality, self-contained works. There is no restriction on paper length.

Special Issue Philosophy and the Ethics of Technology