News  |    |  July 10, 2019

AI For Good…Maybe a Little Hope?

News blog article by Brad Keywell, CEO of Uptake.


As someone who lives on the front lines of AI at Uptake, I hear those terms and I react with optimism. Here’s why. Artificial intelligence (“AI”) and Machine learning (“ML”) are being used to do good. You might not read about it in the headlines, but it’s happening. They are delivering good not just in the world of capitalism, but also in the world. Social good. Environmental good.

A member of Uptake’s data science team was on Capitol Hill last week briefing policymakers and members of Congress, at an event aptly titled AI for Good. Uptake collaborates closely with Carnegie Mellon University, and together we explained the many ways these buzz-wordy concepts provide more effective and efficient pathways to goodness.

Since Uptake’s beginnings, we’ve acted on our belief that technology companies have an opportunity (and, some might say, a responsibility) to harness their core genius to solve problems that affect everyone. Rooted in this conviction, when Uptake was less than two years old we founded our philanthropic and civic arm —

Our proposition is that technology companies should find areas where their capabilities and expertise can uniquely solve problems that affect society. [ . . . ]