News  |    |  June 4, 2018

AI is coming to a doctor’s office near you, and AMA wants to be ready

News article by Mike Miliard.
Published in Healthcare IT News.


For an organization that has no shortage of strongly held opinions on an array of topics affecting providers and the healthcare industry, the American Medical Association currently does not have an artificial intelligence policy.

That will be changing soon, as AMA heads into its annual meeting next week, according to the group’s report to its board of trustees.

The association has compiled what it says is a “baseline policy to guide AMA’s engagement with a broad cross-section of stakeholders and policymakers to ensure that the perspective of physicians in various practice settings informs and influences the dialogue as this technology develops.”

AI uptake is gaining momentum industry-wide, of course, and transforming fundamental ways of doing things in healthcare. Physicians are starting to take notice – some with interest, some with skepticism, some with alarm. There are big questions – practical and even ethical – that need to be answered. [ . . . ]