News  |    |  April 30, 2021

Fight Fire with Fire: Using Good AI to Combat Bad AI

Blog post by Vik Bogdanov. Published on


Real-world cases and expert opinions about the present and future of audio deepfakes and AI-powered fraud in particular and how to use AI to build a strong defense against malicious AI.

John Dow, the CEO of an unnamed UK-based energy firm, once got a call from his boss that he wishes he’d never answered. Being confident he was talking to the CEO of the firm’s German parent company, he followed the instruction to immediately transfer €220,000 (app. $243,000) to a Hungarian supplier’s bank account.

Having completed a transaction, John got another call from the boss confirming the reimbursement. However, he noticed that the purported reimbursement hadn’t gone through, and the call had been made from an Austrian phone number. At this point, John got the third call seeking a follow-up payment. That’s where he went sceptical and sounded the alarm.

The investigation found that the voice in the call belonged to a hacker using AI voice technology to spoof John’s boss. In fact, the fake voice was so close to the real one that John could recognize the subtle German accent and the man’s voice “melody”. [ . . . ]