News  |    |  June 5, 2018

Global Summit Focuses on the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Advancing SDGs

News article by Leila Mead.
Published by IISD – SDG Knowledge Hub.


The second edition of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Good Global Summit convened under the theme, ‘Accelerating progress towards the SDGs,’ bringing together experts in AI and humanitarian action to advance sustainable development.

The summit, which connected AI innovators with public and private sector decision makers, generated 35 proposals that will use the “power of AI for good.”

Speaking during the summit, ITU Secretary-General Houlin Zhao said that leveraging the power of information and communication technologies (ICTs), including AI, is critical for achieving the SDGs. [ITU Press Release on Opening of Summit]

The summit aimed to formulate strategies to ensure trusted, safe and inclusive development of AI technologies and equitable access to their benefits. Expert “breakthrough” teams convened on satellite imagery, healthcare, smart cities and trust in AI, and proposed AI-driven strategies and supporting projects. Project proposals were evaluated based on feasibility and scalability, potential to address global challenges, degree of supporting advocacy, and applicability to market failures beyond the scope of government and industry. [ITU Press Release Summit’s Generation of 35 AI Project Proposals] [ . . . ]

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