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How The AI Sector Can Use Nonprofits As An Ethical Example

News article by Moshe Hecht. Published in Forbes.

I have a dream. I say a dream, and not a goal or a mission, not because of its loftiness but because most don’t see it. And, if it ever becomes reality, it will be nothing less than a dream come true. My dream? A future in which the nonprofit sector is the driving force of our society, where our incentives to succeed aren’t guided mainly by greed and self-sustenance but rather by our ability to do good. It’s a future where we are measured and rewarded by our mastery of several key balances: profit and ethics; self and other; shareholders and customers; privacy and prominence; Heaven and earth.

Doing good does not have to be unprofitable, and therefore, a nonincentivized endeavor. I’ve got the perfect place to start: the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), an innovation that has taken the 21st century by storm. The nonprofit world can be the North Star of how we monetize and maximize the benefits of machine learning and data science. I’m not suggesting we start a business in AI — we’ll leave that to the professionals — but we can be the moral compass of where AI is heading and how we choose to let it “rule the future.” [ . . . ]

About the Author

Moshe Hecht is a Philanthropy Futurist, co-owner of Charidy, and currently CEO of a “Stealth Startup” building AI for good.